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​​​​​"Some days, we wish we never needed computers. But we do to make our lives more enjoyable and complete. Like anything, they will eventually break down. It's not a case of "if" but "when". And, when your computer stop working, you'll need to call a trusted computer servicer such as Spaulding Technology, LLC."



Whether you are a small business owner looking to outsource your I.T. needs, or a home owner looking to use computer technology to enhance your life, Spaulding Technology can help you. Our "B-M-R-G" ( Build  it correctly - Manage it consistently - Repair it quickly - Grow your business ) can help you keep you personal or professional business running smooth.​ Most services are performed with the industries most current tools and practices which can be done on site. And in some cases, performed​ remotely though a secured remote control application over the internet without the need to physically be in front of your computer. That saves time and money​​​​. Our services are the most professional services you'll experience and which you will never recieve from the high school neighbor looking to make extra money, the geek down the street, a friend, or computer enthusiest relative.​​ Repair services offered to many by providers located in electronics store have tarnishes the​​ computer service industry. They offering solutions specifically​​ aimed at virus removal, software installation, part replacement, and computer sales overlooking services that are nessesarry to achieve a secure trouble free computer network. ​If those glorified computer repair servicers fail to follow the "B-M-R-G" rule (Build it correctly - Manage it consistently - Repair it quickly - Grow your business with it​), they will cost you time and money.​ Spaulding Technology is different! By providing you a direct phone number​​, we form a professional relationship between us and you, the customer. Our service area covers Chicago and the surrounding Northwest suburbs. Please contact us today so we can schedule a service call or answer your questions.​ ​​​​​​​


Christopher Spaulding

Founder / CEO 

Spaulding Technology, LLC